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The pressure has become so intense that AT&T recently relented somewhat and announced support for Vo IP over 3G.But if today's developments are any indication, Google and AT&T intend to fight even harder over Google Voice. This one was an inquiry into issues raised by AT&T about Google Voice.

You also didnt have to swipe constantly to see a message. Five times I have gotten friend requests from people I don't even know!!! And the names of the people who sent me friend requests names were blah blah blah i like sex blah blah blah and two other one that said blah blah blah sexy blah blah blah.I guess oo Voo will let their customers name themselves anything. Give me back the old oo Voo or I'll write another horrible review!!!I bet there is someone out there who's name will involve curses(there probably is someone who is stupid enough to think that's a cool idea. On the old oo Voo I didn't get friend requests from people I didn't know, only from my contacts.In the meanwhile, we took all the feedback regarding chains and changing several things:• Only your friends will be able to add to chains you created• Removing the "Random" section• Added additional protection against spammy friend requests Read more on how will we get better here: Voo Release421 the old version is way better.This new version is so complicated especially for new people. ——Edit: after using this app for a couple of months with the new update(i used this app before the new update too) i still find it frustrating!

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