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I will take you through the three easy steps that I followed to set up Ora NA.You can follow the same steps to set up your own aggregator if you wish.I will also share with you the features that make Ora NA unique, like the ability for anyone to contribute feed items, the aggregation of feeds for websites that do not have feeds (like Jonathan Lewis’s web site), and the option to “plug-n-play” the aggregator on any website or blog, with just one line of code.Here is how I (re)created Ora NA: 1 – Set up the feeds in Google Reader: Recently Google Reader introduced the ability to share labels. I also keep track of where my subscriptions go with Add This.

As a result, the posts were picked up by Google Reader (and ultimately, Ora NA) as new. 2 Comments | Filed in Oracle | Tags: aggregator, blog, feed After reading “Why I’ m asking for full-text RSS feeds” by Constantin Basturea, and “Only Generous Bloggers Influence” by Steve Rubel, I have decided to publish my blog’s feed as a full text instead of just a summary.

For those unfamiliar with what RSS feeds are or how they can greatly speed up your web experience, the Small Office Australia blog has a very useful Beginner's Guide to RSS that will help you get started with the world of RSS feeds.

My stats indicate that the majority of new feed subscribers for my site are using either Yahoo or Google Reader.

As a blogger, why wouldn’t you publish a full-text feed?

I can think of the following reasons: In this post I will share with you how I transformed Ora NA from an aggregator powered by Word Press to a powerful, robust and easy to manage feed aggregator powered by Google Reader and Feed Burner.

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