Dating aggression

See indicate that more alcohol use was associated with more TDA; however, once other types of violence were included in the model, the effects of alcohol were no longer significant.

As expected, more mindfulness was associated with less TDA.

Associations between TDA, risk and promotive factors, and other forms of violence can help identify avenues for targeting interventions.

Hypotheses include (1) that risk factors would be positively associated with TDA, (2) that promotive factors would be negatively associated with TDA, and (3) that TDA would be associated with higher levels of physical dating violence, physical nondating violence, and community violence exposure.

Participants (14–20 years old) self-administered a computerized survey as part of a larger study at an urban emergency department.

The study includes 210 youth who reported having a dating partner in the past 2 months.

Our results show relatively few gender differences in terms of types of violence.

Overall, the patterns of TDA, physical violence, and community violence exposure were similar across gender.

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