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It really seems like, my whole life, Katara's been the one looking out for me.

She's always been the one that's there, and now, when I try to remember my mom, Katara's is the only face I can picture." The death of Sokka's mother, Kya, in a Fire Nation raid was the primary fuel for Sokka's deep grudge against the Fire Nation forces.

This page is comprised of Sokka's relationships with other characters in the World of Avatar.

Sokka's skeptical nature often conflicted with others, but his protectiveness toward his friends and loyal personality allowed him to gain many friends and allies.

However, she came to see that it was her grandchildren's destiny to journey with the Avatar and saw them off, telling her grandson to take care of his sister and not to tease her.

Sokka and Katara had a typical sibling rivalry, and despite constant bickering in the course of their travels, the siblings loved each other dearly.

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Bato remarked upon this, saying, "You're definitely your father's son", after Sokka laughed at Hakoda's attempt at wit in naming his bomb the "stink and sink", albeit in an unamused tone.

Aang assured him that Sokka's moment of glory would be witnessed in the actual fight.

This established that both Sokka and Aang finally considered each other as brothers-in-arms.

Like Sokka, she was cautious, wary of change, and tended to be cynical.

When she believed Aang's actions to have endangered the village, she took Sokka's side in the argument.

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