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That policy acts as a guide for selecting and purchasing all library material. Once library material goes through various stages : Selection, Ordering, classification some documents based on local and our books are classified to library of congress classification system. Sixth: Possible Information Resources: It is specialized list of resources tailored for our technical team of experts, it in which we provide up-to-date books, periodicals, feasibility studies plus statistical information about the country where should are going to do their appraisal. The subjects resources selected must assigned according to acquisition policy. This E-bulletin is sent via email to our team of technical staff of experts. We make copy cataloging and pull the original record from ITSMARC site and edit the record and copy it on Horizon Cataloging Program. In case he/she did not find the electric card of the book in ITSMARC , the employee will do original cataloging on Horizon Cataloging Program. When we receive the new periodicals we do create follow-up cards, we register them and shelf them in alphabetical order. As for the back issue they are also classified according to the Library of Congress classification system. We follow-up the late issues and contact the publisher or the company via the email. We do Xerox for the table of content of the periodical, and we send them to our team of experts in the Operation Department so that they will be aware of the newly received ones and select the articles that they need them. World Bank and International Monetary Fund Documents: 1. World Bank and International Monetary Fund Documents are classified according to local classification system. Once we receive those documents we check in Horizon System that they are not duplicates. If the documents are newly received we do classify and add the descriptors from (Macro-thesaurus for Information Processing in the field of Economic and Social Development) For example (each document related to specific country carry three alphabetic letters indicates that AAA. We do classify those documents according local classification system. We follow the same steps like the once for World Bank documents classification system except that we add the letter B after writing the three alphabetic letters of the country so that we can distinguish non – World Bank documents from World Bank Documents. We classify the Feasibility studies according local classification system. The feasibility studies are enclosed with official action sheet, we register all the detailed information of the studies add the classification number to facilitate the retrieval. The classification process of the feasibility studies are almost similar to the documents, except that we add initials besides the classifications number to distinguish the kind of the document we receive . We classify the consulting firms according to a local classification in-house system tailored to the Fund's needs. Usually we receive the consulting firm's application form attached with an action sheet, we insert all the detailed data related to each consulting firm on Kuwait Fund in-house system . We register a given serial number on the action sheet, and we send acknowledgement letter either via the air-mail or via the email to the consulting firm informing them that they are officially registered on our database. We keep a copy of the sent letter after being signed by the deputy director of operations and disbursement. We shelf the application form in it's particular section. All the registered and approved consulting firms should update their information every five years, and if they did not update their record, Kuwait Fund management will not call their application forms in case their is new bids. In some cases we send apologize letter just in case the Kuwait Funds' technical team of experts did not agree to register the consulting firm for some highly technical reasons, that letter will be approved and singed by the deputy director of operations and disbursement, and of course we keep a copy of the apologize letter in a special file for such kind of letters. Borrowing service is available to all Kuwait Fund employees as the following: a. Kuwait Fund employees can borrow the a non-limited number of periodical maximum for one week , where as the newly received specialized magazines are borrowed weekly and on regular basis for our technical team of experts in Operation Department and most of those magazines are a kind of bulletins. Inter-Library Loan (ILL Service) is available among Kuwait libraries whom they are specialized in field of work. Feasibility Studies: Those highly specialized studies are restrictedly borrowed only by our technical team of experts. Engineering Consulting Firms: the forms of consulting firms are restrictedly borrowed by our technical team of experts. Xerox is available for all Kuwait Fund employees, as well as for researchers , professors, students . The resources will be judged according to the content quality the information resources. Copy Cataloging from the internet site related to the American Libraries (ITS MARC) and add it to Kuwait Fund Library Database. In case he/she did not find the electric card of the book in ITSMARC , the employee will do original cataloging on Horizon Cataloging Program. When original cataloging done he/she use the label for the book and shelf it. We do send the Current Dissemination of Information electronically via the email to our team of experts in Operation Department. Periodicals are classified according to the Library of Congress classification system. Once we are subscribed in any new journal we do classify them in various ways: a. Most received documents need updating of their dates, and the number of pages. After doing the above process, we do shelf the documents in particular shelves specialize for them. Documents of other International and Regional Organizations: 1.

If you are not currently an Info Comm International member, please contact [email protected] the benefits of becoming one (including being listed in our Membership Directory).

Selection of Information Resources: First: Main Core Subjects that the library acquire are the following: 1.

In order to effectively develop the best library collection based on scientific rules the library had implemented special acquisition n policy, further this policy is changeable and updating according to KFund labor market needs.

Also we send a follow-up letter to inform the agent to send us their periodicals on regular basis. After one year, we reassess the need for renewal based on the community need and use . As for the foreign subscription if we decided to renew their subscription , we refer that request to the accredited agent SWETS.

Each stage has several operations and recording procedures. Once we agree on subscribing in any selected periodical we send the publisher or the agent either through the email (electronic format subscription), fax or through a written letter that that letter includes a request for annual subscription. We order the free periodicals either from a local, foreign corporation, or non-profit organization through their email address. We follow–up the received periodical through a manual card that includes the issue date, the review number.

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