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To what extent the processor has been throttled back isn't known - it certainly feels faster, more responsive than the T's 144MHz Texas Instruments OMAP chip, but more than twice as fast.

And it's possible the machine adjusts the CPU frequency according to the processing load - again, Palm is keeping mum.

Past that is the Bluetooth button, which invokes a panel allowing you to turn the radio on or off and connect to the Internet via a phone - a feature missing from the T; you had to go into Preferences or an Internet application to do it.

The seventh button toggles full-screen text input on and off, the eighth flips the display from portrait mode to landscape.

The next button sports an exclamation mark and signals alerts.

It's the upgrade the T2 should have been but wasn't. Both are compact, metal-shelled devices designed for easy information look-up, but slide open to reveal a text-entry area.

Alas, even closed, T family members aren't much shorter than the older m500 and V series devices, but they do feel more compact than their Pocket PC rivals.

Kinoma Player 2.0 performance test yields a frame rate of 77.5fps on the T3, a 56 per cent increase over the T's score of 49.7fps.

However, since the 126MHz Tungsten E scores 68.5 per cent, both T and T3 scores a disappointing - the former a result of the slower SD card sub-system in the T, and the latter as sign, perhaps, of just how far the T3's XScale processor has been underclocked.

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