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A particular strength of the collection is the attention given to often-neglected topics, including the languages of the pre-Iranian period; the Iranian migration; color and gilding on Achaemenid monuments; Achaemenid iconography; Persid, Arsacid, Elymaean, and Sasanian coinage; and Sasanian political ideology and calendrics.The broad authorship of this volume includes Iranian, European, North American, Australian, and Japanese scholars.PTA put a lot of effort into getting our visas, and kept our tour on foot at the original price, even though our number fell to two, and our start was delayed due to a visa difficulty.Our choice of August was not the best - very dry and still hot.The standard of hotels was excellent, the night in the caravanserai more basic and the night in the desert somewhat primitive but worth it for the fantastic view of the night sky without any light pollution.Name: George & Peta Mc Lean Nationality: Australian Enterance date: 13 August 2017 Message: In August 2017 we took PTA's Brilliant Persia 21 day tour.

Access to the complete content on Oxford Handbooks Online requires a subscription or purchase.After a flight to Shiraz, Reza Parikhah was our excellent guide and driver, taking us north through Persepolis, Isfahan and kashan, west to Hamadan and Kermanshah, up the western side through Tabriz to the Azerbaijan border, then east through Ardabil to the Caspian Seaand back to Teheran - a long way at a hot time of year.Reza knew all the history, what to see, where to eat, and what to eat locally.Iran Hospitality Form Name: Peter and Riet van der Gulik Nationality: New Zealand Enterance date: 30 June 2017 Message: We had a great time on this trip. Lovely people we have met and a great driver guide we had. North west Iran is off the beaten track and very nice to visit. we enjoyed the food, good hotels and the friendly people made it extra special.Name: Tony Fletcher Nationality: United Kingdom Enterance date: 9 September 2017 Message: I am still in a daze after a fabulous 16 days touring around Iran in a very small group consisting of myself, one other person, and our driver/guide Moji in his own car.

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