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These sexual emoticons, if you will, haven't been cool or new since AOL was cool and new. Sidenote: I noticed the other day that another pornography site currently has a large billboard up in Times Square, but it promotes safe sex and using condoms.

I wonder if we'll see more advertising from this industry..

Me and my SO got one and tried it, she said it wasn’t firm enough and felt good, but a little weird. Red Tube is a internet website, obviously they are targeting people with a life style around the internet and this fit perfectly. If the new chat function was the primary message it could work. They are targeting people (mostly men) who are getting off by looking at people having sex.Yet Im aware the company could make a design with a lot of layers, vector layers and fancy "hand-made" typo, maybe they could hire a professional photographer but... These people don't necessarily have a lifestyle around the internet, and certainly don't get horny by looking at their keyboards. But maybe you can ask your teacher to explain those words to you, before you open your mouth about us opening ours.Cítite sa ako bohyne uprostred jeho sexuálneho neba.Ten pohľad predátora značiaci obdiv a túžbu pridá na sebavedomí každej z vás.

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