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“Yes we all know that one wallflower who met the love of her life the first day of college when he sat next to her in Psych 101 and they happened to have the same backpack and Green Daysaid, “Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.” “To put the odds in your favor and have agency in your dating lives, you must not only be open to possibilities, but also put must put yourself in the way of opportunity, and actively create it.This means being open to meeting people,” explains Boyd.“And I’ve learned that the less uncomfortable one party is the less uncomfortable the situation is,” she continues.“In some cases that move can secure you a second date out of sheer intrigue or worst case scenario, you have a MUCH better time because you’re not sweating bullets.” 4) Do Not Assume Exclusivity Matchmaker Amy De Souza shares a tip that has given her great success in her own personal dating life: “Don’t assume it’s exclusive until you’ve had that conversation. You’ll be much less focused on hearing from ‘the one’ if there are a few.” De Souza didn’t put all her eggs in one metaphorical basket when she first met her current fiancé -she was seeing other people and continued meeting potential matches until they discussed going exclusive.Black Chyna, well versed in the ways of social media, posted this photo with the caption “The beginning”.Thanks to internet trolls we all know that the mystery man in the photo is Rob Kardashian.For the love of Yeezus what is going on in the Kardashian house?

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Well the former reality TV star is currently making headlines for his rumoured romance with Blac Chyna.3) Get Comfortable with Uncomfortable Silences While being comfortable with the uncomfortable sounds like a contradiction, Tawkify matchmaker Constance Karcher believes that overcoming those inevitable awkward moments during a first date is the key to dating success.“There is always a dynamic on a date and most of us are not conscious of it because we don’t take control of our thoughts,” explains Karcher.Silence doesn’t have to be awkward and, honestly, why is it?Sometimes a pause can be a good time to take it all in and process, even if just for a brief moment.” Karcher also believes that the energy we bring to the situation has a large effect on how the date will transpire.

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