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But before we get to the results, let's take a step back.The mystery of the stripe Credit card magnetic stripes carry more than just your precious financial data; they carry some mystery, too. Magnets on a mission Our experiment began with three different magnets of various strengths: You never know when you'll just happen to be waving your credit card around in a junkyard.

It's a commonly held belief that exposure of these particles to an external magnet can scramble the information and make the card unreadable. Once all preparations were in place, it was time for the big reveal.In a previous story, we said yes, but many of you begged to differ.Seeing that, we took the challenge of clearing things up once and for all."Even the refrigerator magnet should work eventually." So what was the deciding factor? "It is well known that magnets will wipe out information on credit card stripes," Sherry said."However, it doesn't always happen after one exposure.

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