What is cheating in dating relationships russian dating and frienship sites

For most people in relationships, a commitment means no playing around, ever.That doesn't mean there aren't plenty of love rats out there."We think everybody is out there doing it," says Janet Lever, a sociologist at California State University, Los Angeles, and the study's lead researcher."Well, they're not." In fact, the rate of cheating has stayed pretty consistent, according to research expert Tom W.Few cheaters — only 2 percent — were busted in the act.

"It can be the 30-year-old guy who's been cohabiting for six years with his girlfriend, or the 45-year old guy who has seemed happily married for 15 years, or, perhaps most surprising, it's the young mom who seems totally wrapped up with her infant and toddler," says Lever. According to the survey, 15 percent of women and 16 percent of men with children ages 2 to 5 years had an affair.Smith, director of the General Social Survey for the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago.Smith conducted the highly respected study “American Sexual Behavior,” a poll of 10,000 people over two decades.If your partner is cheating, chances are, you have no idea.Six in 10 cheaters believe they totally got away with their affair and another one in 10 felt their partner was suspicious, but never found out for sure.

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