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Kaylee De Fer Net Worth: Kaylee De Fer is an American actress who has a net worth of 0 thousand dollars.

Wesley noted that when he thinks of the 70s, he thinks of "really healthy, just brushed out hair, like Marsha Brady brushing 100 times." He recommends using a good shampoo and conditioner, and a boar bristle brush to distribute the oils and a healthy fluff as you blow dry.

When it comes to adding accessories to your hair, we took things to an "editorial" level in these shots, but Wesley recommends clipping just a couple into one side of your hair to add a little something to your look.

She gave birth to her first child, a son named Theodore, with musician Michael Fitzpatrick a year later.

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Kaylee came fresh-faced and ready with newly dyed auburn hair, noting that whenever she’s done shooting she loves to play around with her hair color, and she fed into my obsession with cotton-candy hues by lusting over a bright pink shade in some inspiration images we had set aside.Our shoot went perfectly hand-in-hand with her mood as she was getting ready to head off for Coachella, so we made sure to teach her everything as we went, and we learned a few key things along the way. I can’t wash it every day because of my red hair, it’s hard to keep up. I’m constantly in an inner battle with myself over this discussion.Read on below as Kaylee shares whose wardrobe she’d steal from , and she’s obviously comfortable taking on other people’s identity. RA: If you could choose any decade to live in, what would it be? I would probably say be born in the 60s, live in the 70s and 80s. I think being born in the 60s, having the crazy revolutionary period with the hippies and the music, running around naked with flowers in your hair. Kaylee: Well, currently, there’s a couple projects that I am reading for, I um, can’t really talk about too much detail, but one is an independent film that films in Europe this summer and it would incorporate my music. " The new mom — who was previously engaged to jewelry designer Mike Pereria — first confirmed her pregnancy in early May, telling Us Weekly it was a surprise to both her and her boyfriend. "We had a girl name, and when we found out it was probably a boy, for some reason we felt like we needed to meet him." De Fer told Us the pregnancy actually came at a great time, since she was thinking about taking a break from acting anyway. We update gallery with only quality interesting photos.

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